I’m Coming Home…

I leave for the airport in four hours…I can’t believe I leave for the airport in FOUR HOURS!!!! This was my last day and I just…wow, I can’t believe this was my last day. I mean, in my head I know that today was my last day and in four short hours I will awaken to shower and head to the airport but part of me still doesn’t fully realize that I am leaving tomorrow—does that make sense? It’s almost as though I am simply headed out for the weekend but will return shortly. I can’t picture life without the back alleys, cobblestone streets, lunch in the piazzas, the street market outside my door or St Johns Basilica across from my terrace. I just…I can’t bring myself to realize I am going to be leaving and not coming back.

Yet, in my head I know today was it, so I lived it up! I woke up this morning and met up with Gloria outside my house to exchange her money and take one final loop of the Via Sannio market on my street. Apparently banks in Italy are not open on Saturdays. Yes, this does seem like something we might have realized earlier in the semester but, to be fair, we have yet to truly need a bank in general let alone on a Saturday. This proved to be a problem. But, Gloria had a little money so we went shopping anyways and she ended up spending EVERYTHING she had on a leather jacket. Oh how I wish I’d saved for a real leather jacket—next trip for sure; but from Florence since it’s what they are famous for.

Oh side note: I had my last cappuccino before we did our final shopping spree on Via Sannio. Yes, I about cried at such an occasion and the bartender looked at me strange until I explained why I was crying over my cappuccino and then her response was “che carina” which means “that’s so cute.” *sigh* I’m going to miss this. And, you will be so proud of me, I purposely only brought two euro with me into the market so I wouldn’t buy anything. Well, I ended up buying a two euro bracelet for one euro because it’s purple and says “I Love Roma” in rainbow colors and I only had an euro left after my cappuccino. It happens.

After shopping we went back to my place real fast so I could finish packing and, HOLY MOLY BATMAN I have so much stuff! No seriously, I came with one suitcase slightly over the limit and I am leaving with two that I had to sit on to close. Please note, this is AFTER I already sent Doom home with one suitcase packed full back in October. Yea, I might have had a slight shopping addiction while here—but, to be fair, there is a street market outside my house so it isn’t entirely my fault. Just saying.

Anyways, once I shoved everything I don’t need in the morning into my bags, Gloria and I set out to see my city one last time. We caught a bus to Via del Corso—man am I going to miss those short buses—and decided to shop our little hearts out for last minute souvenirs. And by “shop our hearts out” I mean that Gloria was looking for things and I simply bought a bottle of Limoncello to bring back to my family. It took some shoving but I got it in. Anyways, it was absolutely beautiful to see Piazza Navona and wander my streets. Gloria was tired and I had a meeting at school at five so the two of us parted ways around 4pm and planned to meet up later.

May I just say that one thing I will NOT miss is waiting for freaking ever for the buses to come. I swear I saw so many pass by that were the same number and not mine I was about to go crazy! So, I did the only sane thing to do and took a bus I didn’t know where it was going and got off when it deviated from the route I needed. Yes, this lead to a bit of necessary backtrack by foot but, I got to walk my city more and I followed the Tiber River to school again. It’s absolutely breathtaking!!! I am going to miss being able to wander down the river on cobblestone as the sunsets. *sigh*

By the time I got to school I had just enough time to print out my boarding passes for tomorrow—well today since it’s so late—and they took FOREVER!!! I was slightly more than frustrated but I managed. I then went to my meeting and well—to say I was disappointed would be putting it lightly. It actually frazzled me to the point where I needed to come back home and gather myself before going out again. I had called Gloria to tell her that I needed to get out and she had said she’d call me back when she was ready. So I waited, waited, and waited. Then she walked into my room…You see, my phone here likes to randomly shut off without being touched and while having a full battery. This is what it did at some point between me calling her and her walking through my door. Yes Gloria, being the AMAZING friend she is, realized she could not get ahold of me though she tried many times and decided to come ALL the way down to my place (a thirty minute commute) show up at my door and knock so my host family let her in all because she knew I needed a friend at that point. She is absolutely the BEST!!!

The remainder of my night was her cheering me up, us looking for a scarf for her cousin, and LOTS of wandering Rome at night. We walked from Piazza Venezia all the way down Via del Corso (at least twice) over to the Spanish Steps, then to Piazza Navona, and we even went by the Trevi Fountain one final time. We had dinner near the Pantheon at 11pm and were thoroughly exhausted by the time we finished and reached Piazza Argentina just after midnight. There is something so magical about Rome at night and part of me wanted nothing more than to stay out and wander her streets until the dawn broke and I had to return here to gather my things and go to the train station. But, given my lack of sleep and need to pack the last of my things, I returned. I took my night bus one final time, sat in front of St. John’s Basilica as it lit up against the night sky, gazed upon the Aurelian Wall, and wandered my way back to my house one…last…time.

I packed, Skyped, took pictures with my host family and got everything set for my departure. And here I am—it’s 1:30 in the morning, I must wake up in4 short hours, shower, and walk with my two oversized suitcases and stuffed backpack thirty minutes to Tuscolana train station then take the FM1 to the airport where I will board a plane to Zurich, then San Fransisco, then Salt Lake City. It will take me over twenty hours and I will arrive in Salt Lake to the loving arms of my parents and three year-old baby brother at approximately 9:28pm. Wow. You know something though, as much as I am going to miss Rome and although a part of my heart will not be leaving tomorrow but rather, will live here forever with my wonderful host family, Piazza Navona, the Trevi Fountain and Via del Corso—I think I’m ready to return.

I love it here, I really do; and I am sure that when it hits me that I am leaving for good that the tears will flow abundantly. I have made the absolute most of my four months here. I have lived with an Italian family, learned the language, taken adventures with strangers, volunteered at the homeless shelter, taken the time to just get lost, and I have been blessed to do more in these for months than many will do in their entire lives. I have had my Italian experience and I have had it to the fullest. But there is a family who loves me, friends who miss me, and so much more awaiting me back home in the states. Roma, I love you but I am closing this chapter of my life and in four short hours my journey back to the states begins—I’m coming home.


Oh good ghandi. After turning in so late last night, I didn’t wake up until noon today and did not feel like doing much other than curling up and relaxing. Yet, this is one of my last two days and I was not about to make such a mistake. So, I got up and hung the laundry I’d done yesterday, showered, and went into the kitchen to learn how to make gnocchi with Anna. This was AMAZING. No seriously, it is so easy to make and I am so excited to come home and use these recipes. I am REALLY going to miss spending time in the kitchen fawning over Anna’s cooking—ugh!

Anyways, once I was finished cooking I headed out to meet Alberto. Back home, in SLC, there is this AMAZING Italian restaurant called ‘Cucina Vannina’ and the woman who owns it is from Italy. Well, I went there before coming here and when she heard I was about to depart for Rome she put me in touch with her cousin, Alberto, via Facebook. We’ve been talking all semester, but today was the first time we actually hung out. It was amazing. We met in Piazza de Spagna (aka the Spanish Steps) and took our time wandering down Via del Corso. Actually, he even bought me a nice farewell present to remember Italy by. We then headed to Piazza del Popolo where we had a drink and some snacks at a bar there and it was absolutely perfect! I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better afternoon!!! I was sad to see it end but alas, he had places to be and I had a farewell pizza party back at campus I was about thirty minutes late for.

It’s strange, as everyone was saying their farewells tonight; I was not really feeling the goodbyes. In fact, I don’t think there was ANYONE I actually said”bye” to; though I will probably only see one or two of them again in my lifetime. Oh well, I just don’t feel sad about leaving the program and, in a sense, it is both comforting and strange. Anyways, I headed home to pack a little (I mean, I do leave in less than 32 hours now, and Gloria came all the way down to see me! She really is wonderful. We ended up going to dinner at a really good restaurant I’ve been to a few times near the Trevi Fountain and it was quite tasty. Afterwards, we were supposed to go out but, since I am so exhausted from last night, we decided to skip that step of the plan.

Instead, we walked back to the Trevi Fountain, grabbed some nummy gelato, and just sat at the Trevi Fountain people-watching for a good hour or so. This is one of my two favorite things to do in the whole wide world and I really hope I can come back tomorrow just to say “bye” to my favorite places. It is now just before 1am, I am finally home and quite tired. I can’t believe this is my last real night in Rome and I am spending it in. I mean, I did go “out” for dinner and gelato at the Trevi Fountain but I honestly feel guilty for every second I spend here that I am not out exploring. Sigh* Oh well, it isn’t a complete fail right? Even if it is, it is getting quite late now and I am extremely tired so, I am going to take this opportunity to say—ciao bella!


IT.IS.FINISHED. No really, this time is really is finished. I finally had my last final of the semester and it feels GREAT!!! Almost as though a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I can finally just ENJOY my last few days here in Rome. Today is December 8th, and as such it is a national holiday; not only because it is the day they officially begin Christmas but also because the Pope goes to Santa Maria Basilica atop the Spanish Steps to lay a wreath—and has for the past 146 years. Seeing as I had a final though, this really did not affect me. I woke up this morning and got ready to go to school for my second to last time. Seeing as I failed to properly study last night in an attempt to fully enjoy my last few days, I tried reading through my notes for my final final today. History isn’t exactly my best subject and I wanted to be as prepared as possible.

Then again, it is one of my last few days and I don’t wanna waste it studying so, I decided to take a bus to Piazza Argentina and walk around Piazza Navona before my exam. I love the Christmas markets here—they really are so amazing!!! I even treated to myself to a candied apple as a bit of “good luck” before my exam. It was literally just an apple with sugar and food coloring; sticky and delicious! I then walked along the Tiber River to Piazza del Popolo—about a thirty minute walk or so—just because I could. I realized today how much I am going to miss this and that I best get as much in as possible before I leave. Anyways, I walked along the river and attempted to study for a little bit in Piazza del Popolo.

I say “attempt” because the piazza was CROWDED with people out to celebrate the holiday today; so I was a but busy people-watching. Then, when I finally decided to study this man decided to come and chat me up; even after I told him I was studying for a final in two hours. *sigh* Men here are so persistent. They only back down when you tell them that you are MARRIED, and even then…So, of course, when this man asked for my number I told him I only had my husbands’ phone and that he would become quite jealous should I give out his number to man I’d just met.  Sometimes I am so thankful to have an imaginary husband. Unfortunately, shortly after that guy left another man felt inclined to repeat what I had just gone through and I decided it would be best to leave and go to school to study…ish.

I mean, I did TRY to study—and to some extent I accomplished this goal. Then again, Gloria and a few other friends passed by and, seeing as I will not see them again after the next two days, I felt inclined to converse with them rather than properly finish cramming for my final at 3pm. Oh well, regardless of my actions, 3pm rolled around and I took my final exam of the semester—omgoodiness it’s over!!! No seriously, it is such a burden lifted! I know I did not do an ‘A’ job but I fully expect a ‘B’ at the very least. Unfortunately, not everyone was this confident. In fact, a friend of my had a total breakdown after the exam because she knew she did not actually do that well. So, I did the only thing I could do in such a situation, I took her down Via del Corso to take in the city and forget about her worries. After all, there is nothing more we can do once we submit our final exam.

I know I keep saying this but Roma is absolutely AMAZING!!! They have lights strung EVERYWHERE! Down all of Via del Corso they have red, white and green lights that look like a waving Italian flag all the way down!!! It’s absolutely gorgeous. I am going to miss this. And then today, it was a holiday and the entire strada (street) was crowded with people. In fact, in Piazza del Popolo they had a stage set-up and we saw an Italian dance group as well as several operatic performers before making our way down Via del Corso. THIS.IS.AMAZING!!!

We proceeded to shop a little before heading to Piazza Navona—aka my favorite place in all of Rome. The Christmas markets are just absolutely AMANZING! And tonight I got the most spectacular hot chocolate I think I have ever had in my entire life. No, I am not exaggerating—they quite literally melt entire chunks of chocolate and serve it to you in a cup topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings. EEP!! Since my friend was feeling better and it was getting late, I decided to head home and got there right as Anna was about to make my last dinner with them—ever. I think this is the first time I have actually come to realize that I am leaving…wow. Don’t want to think about that. Anyways…

Tonight we had pasta con pomodore—a nice reminder of what I had my first night  her in Rome. Wow…I can’t believe this is all really ending. As cliché as it sounds, it honestly feels like I just got here and now I’ve eaten my last dinner that I will ever have with my host family. Ah, but it is not all sad, I still have a few days left and I am quite determined to make most of my last 48 hours or so. In that spirit, after dinner I head out to dee-jay bar in Trastevere to meet up with some of my friends for an “end of finals” celebration. Despite the fact that I did not remain with one “group” during the course of the night, it was actually quite enjoyable. We even went to a bar with chocolate shot glasses. No really, you order a shot and it’s in a chocolate shot glass so, when you take the shot you eat the chocolate—it’s AMAZING!!! I had three. Tonight was lots of fun.

Actually, as we were walking from Trastevere to La Mason (a club near Piazza Navona) I heard someone walking past yell out “Do you go to W&J?” Now seeing as I am studying at Temple University here in Rome, such a question was quite a surprise to me. Then again, it’s me and I immediately replied “Yea…why?” Well, it turns out that this kid graduated from W&J two years ago and recognized me as a fellow student. He had done the Temple program I am on in 2008 and worked for a company all last year to save up money to come back. In fact, he’s spent the last 8 months just kicking it here in Rome! Needless to say, I was quite excited to randomly meet a fellow W&J student during my adventures and ended up following him back into Trastevere to chat and catch up on life. I got to meet some really cool Italians and who owned a bar that we hung out in after they closed it down for the night.

In fact, I ended up hanging out with him and these Italians until 5:20am! That’s about the point that I looked down at my watch, realized the time, and decided it would be best if I head home so as to not worry Anna and Diano. Well, I got a little bit lost on the way back—not that I’m complaining. In fact, I absolutely LOVE getting lost in my city—especially at night. Byhe time I found my way to a metro it was just after 6am and they were running again so I got home about an hour after I’d left (somewhere just after 6:20am). Of course I decided to Skype a bit, because I could, and now it is 7am. Fabulous. Well, since I fully intend to live up my last two days here and will require sleep to do so, I shall take this opportunity to bid you all goodnight—ciao!

The Perfect Wednesday

Today.Was.Perfect. Absolutely perfect. I ended up falling asleep later than anticipated—which is fine because I got to watch this really cute show online called Mike & Molly, and I NEVER have time to watch TV shows. It was so nice and relaxing! I woke up around ten, lazed around, and took my sweet time checking my morning messages and getting breakfast. It’s going to be weird to go home and not check my computer constantly or have five morning messages from different people because they were all up after I went to bed. I took my time with breakfast this morning, savoring my cereal, cup of tea, the view of St. Peter’s Basilica and the market below, as well as the Italian news flowing like a melodic orchestra from the tiny radio behind me. It was absolutely perfect.

I got ready and, with no plans or obligations, I set out to wander and go wherever my feet decided to take me. Well, they took me somewhere alright—right across the street and into the market. I may or may not have a slight addiction. On the plus side, I only spent 50 euro TOTAL today and I am officially done with ALL my Christmas/souvenir shopping!!! There is just something about walking away from a market knowing you bargained your way down to a good price that makes everything just that much better. In fact, not only did I buy for others, I treated myself to a new wallet and touristy shirt I would NEVER wear here but am sure will comfort me back home when I am feeling nostalgic.

I stopped back home to drop my things off real fast before saying bye to Anna and found out that, much to my surprise, I had gotten a letter in the mail. Doom took the time to mail me a FOUR PAGE hand-written bedtime story that explicitly states I am not able to read it until just before sleeping. Considering I got this early in my day, such an exercise of self-restraint has been exhausting and the suspense of my story is, quite literally, driving me CRAZY!!! However, I recognize the significance of having someone who does not write letters sending me such a long story that was written by hand and mailed as opposed to typed and facebooked. It definitely made my day and I am SOOOOOO thankful for having such a marvelous best friend! Though seriously, the suspense is killing me.

Anyways, I left shortly after opening my letter—for fear of losing self-control and reading my bedtime story before bedtime. I then caught the 85 bus to nowhere in particular. Actually, I only took the 85 bus because it pulled up as I was across the street and I decided to run and catch it before the light turned green and it pulled away. I got off near the Coliseum and wandered down Via Cavour for a little while, finishing up that shopping I mentioned earlier. And then I just…got lost. Somehow I ended up walking all the way from Via Cavour back to Piazza Venezia and wandered down Via del Corso to the Pantheon and over to Piazza Navona. The Christmas markets were open and I just about died! No, I did not buy anything from them—yet. I am saving that for tomorrow or Friday.

Oh, while wandering I saw my first set of Mormon Missionaries in Italy!!! I’m telling you, these people are EVERYWHERE…well, everywhere except West Africa and the Middle East. I never saw any there. But still…I SAW SOME TODAY!!! I also saw Heather, a girl in my program, shopping and we ended up talking and she came wandering with me as I went to explore Trastevere on the other side of the river. It was AMAZING. Honestly, everything in Rome is so beautiful and I realized today how crazy it is that I’ve been living here almost four months now!!!

We were leaving Trastevere and crossing back to the other side of the river when it hit me. I was like “we’re crossing the Tiber River. Heather, we are crossing the TIBER RIVER IN ROME!!! And the craziest thing is, we’re crossing the Tiber River in Rome like it’s no big deal!!!” I mean, yesterday I went to the Spanish Steps and had gelato like it was an everyday occurrence—because for me IT IS AN EVERYDAY OCCURANCE!!! The gravity of a statement has only hit me today and my mind is still reeling in it. WOW.

After crossing back to Piazza Argentina, Heather headed back and I wandered a bit more before also coming home to rest. I know I’ve said this a million times but honestly, Rome at night is absolutely breath-taking. Especially when you add in all of the Christmas decorations and the lights they’ve strung above the narrow cobblestone streets….BELLISIMA! There is nothing like it in the whole, wide world and I am honestly in love with this city.      

Once home, I have spent the remainder of my evening relaxing and procrastinating. I had dinner with Federica and learned how to cook a simple but delicious piece of chicken that paired perfectly with my fresh tomato and red pepper pasta. The food here is SOOOOOO good!!!! I came back and played solitaire with my sister on Skype (meaning we each played our own games at the same time), talked with my parents, and now I’m doing study time with Nena. I know that I should probably be more worried about my final tomorrow but honestly, at this point, I am far over worrying about my last class.

I have come to realize that, if you’ve put in the effort to learn during the semester then you will know what you need to know because you will have RETAINED it. You can’t cram in studying or focus for a few days and pretend that you’ve LREANED; all you’ve succeeded in doing is temporarily memorizing something that you will only forget tomorrow. This is, by no means, an attempt to discredit studying—quite the opposite for I recognize the importance it bring. Rather, this is a rationalization as to why one should not stress last minute because, in the long run, it is quite the waste of precious time. So, I am going to go study, not cram, for my last final tomorrow, read my bedtime story, and get some sleep. Buona Note–Ciao!

IT.IS.FINISHED…well, almost.

IT.IS.FINISHED!!! Well mostly. I still have one final Thursday at 3pm; but that is Thursday’s problem. The worst is over and I am ready to enjoy my last four days in Rome. Four days…wow. I can’t believe how fast time’s flown. Is it really December?!?! I mean, I am glad that classes are over and done with but I guess it just hasn’t hit that I’m going home so soon. I mean, I know in my head that I leave Sunday and I have all my logistics planned—well planned as much as I ever plan—but it hasn’t really hit me that, in a few short days, Italy will be just a fond memory that utterly changed my life. IT’S CRAZY!!!

I woke up this morning at 8:30am so that I had ample time to wake up, study, and get to my final at 10:30am. Things were going well, I had breakfast, showered, and even got to school at 10:20am so I would have time to settle in before it began. That is, until I walked into the room and realized our final had started at 10am not 10:30…FAIL. It’s ok though, I was still able to finish my Greek Mythology final in time and, surprisingly, I was not the last one! I can honestly say, while I learned a lot, that is one class I am quite happy to be done and over with. Although, as mentioned previously, it hasn’t really hit me that I will never sit in that class ever again. I’m sure once it hits my sentiments will be slightly less joyous. However, seeing as that is not the case right now, I am quite happy.

This break gave me ample time to finish going through the edits on my paper, grab lunch at the Turkish kabob place (I’m going to miss that greasy mess), and study before my Political Science exam at 4:30pm. The exam went…well let’s just say that I passed, it is over, and I truly don’t deserve higher than a C. For as many people who get upset with our professors for “giving too much work” and making their exams “too difficult”, I realized today that this is not the fault of the professors but rather, the students’ themselves. This professor has truly created an exam where, if you read your material you will know the answers and if you did not do the work or read you will not know the answers. As I read through the exam, what was taken from the small portion I read was easily recognizable and I found the correct answers blatantly obvious. In contrast, the questions pertaining to those sections I had failed to read were complete guesswork for me. I guess the point of all this is that modern day students—well students and people as a whole—need to stop blaming other people for the difficulties or failures in life. Rather, we must be willing to accept the truth of our own shortcomings and accept the responsibility for the consequences of our actions. It really does make things so much easier than constantly blaming outside parties I assure you.

After my exams were finished, Trisha and I walked down Via del Corso for gelato on the Spanish Steps. Rome is in full swing for Christmas and all the narrow streets and alleyways are lit up with Christmas lights. They even have several GIANT Christmas trees set up and fully decorated that light up at night. My favorite one is beneath the lit up guitar, across from the Mercedes Benz tree on Via del Corso. It really is such a beautiful and breathtaking sight to see!!! It’s almost unreal to write that I simply wandered down Via del Corso to sit on the Spanish Steps and eat gelato after an exam for no other reason than, I could.  This is my life and yes, it is completely unreal sometimes!!!

By the time I got home Anna was cooking and I again watched her every move and scribbled furiously in my notebook so that, upon returning to the states, I can desperately attempt to imitate her divine culinary skills. Tonight was a four cheese pasta and fritte carne—so, so, so good!!! Although, I must confess that I am probably most excited about learning how to hand-make gnocchi either tomorrow or Thursday!!! After dinner, the plan was to meet up with a few friends and celebrate the end of today’s terror at a karaoke bar just down from Piazza Venezia, but of course, life is what happens while one is busy making plans and my friends bailed on my for varying reasons.

 So, I did the only thing a 21 year-old with less than a week left in Rome could do, I took a nice long stroll around my neighborhood in the dark. It was absolutely breathtaking. Tonight is so perfect, the moon is bright and the air is cool but not cold, the night is just so—it’s absolutely magical. I LOVE IT!!! It was the perfect way to silently celebrate the success’ of these past 5 days. The remainder of my evening has been spent in my bed unwinding and relaxing as an attempt to recuperate from the stress I have just endured. Besides, I must be well rested to enjoy my final few days of getting lost in my city, right?? On that note, I shall take my leave and drift off to sleep at the earliest I have attempted in almost 5 days now—ciao bella!!

Need Proof God Exists?? Just Look At My LIfe!!!

Skyping Doom, messaging my mom on facebook, and chatting with my sister on Skype…life doesn’t get much better than this. Yes, I am doing all these things and typing this at the same time—I’m a woman. We multitask. Additionally, I am still furiously typing out my 12 page Political Science paper and I have to make the most of the few short breaks I take. Oops…have to take a break from this….be back soon!

Ok so now I am ALMOST done with my paper, sitting on Skype with Nena, and still chatting my sister. But this is not the point. The point is that I AM ALMOST FINISHED WITH MY PAPER!!!! Ah, but before I begin rejoicing allow me to fill you in on the other details of my day. Once again, I went to bed just before 6am, woke up at 11am (after sleeping through two different alarms) and headed to school to finish my last essay for my Lit final that I just couldn’t bring myself to write last night. I finished my essay with 30min to spare!!! Except that I had planned to finish it last night and work all day today on my Political Science paper—not start working on it at 3:30pm. To be fair, my Lit final ended up being 12 pages double spaced—meaning that by the time I finish my 12 page paper I will have written over 31 pages in under a week. FAIL. Oh well, you can’t win them all. But now, it’s not even 2am and I’m ALMOST DONE!!!!

Ah but before I get ahead of myself again, I quite literally spent all day at school in the same seat working on my papers. It was kind of more than ridiculous. When I finally came home it was 9pm and I was starving! You see, when I say “I quite literally spent all day in the same seat” I mean “I quite literally spent all day in the same seat” and totally forgot to eat all day. It happens, to be fair. Dinner was DELICIOUS! It was pasta with cauliflower and then the traditional salad and fruit after—I am SO going to miss this. *sigh* But, I realized this weekend that I am getting ready to come home.  I think that the stress of this week is assisting my breaking away from Rome but I also miss being able to share my experiences with those I love most through some way other than this semi-daily blog. I love Rome, it’s perfect, and I would never leave but—well, I miss my friends and family.

Speaking of, my friends and family have all been so incredibly supportive of me this weekend and its’ helped so much!!! I honestly think that is one of the most amazing blessings in my life, the never-ending, unconditional support of my close friends and family. E  PERFECTO!  If…no WHEN I make it through to tomorrow night at 6:30pm it is going to ONLY be because of God because I honestly don’t know how I’ve gone the past 5 nights with around 5 hours of sleep a night and am still going strong. I really don’t feel tired right now and it’s almost 2am! Crazy, I know. If you want proof that there is a God, just look at my life—point and case. Speaking of points…I need to finish my last point and send this off since I have a final at 10am tomorrow that I have yet to study for—yay for waking up early! Ciao bella!!!

Getting There….

I.HATE.FINALS! No really, it is my last week in Rome and instead of going out at ALL this weekend I have been studying. I woke up this morning at 11am (before my alarm) after going to sleep just before 6am yesterday. How this happens I do not know…but it did. It’s ok though, I got an earlier start on my day and was at school about half-past noon. Unfortunately, I missed the memo that the library didn’t open until 1pm today…FAIL. But it gave me a good thirty minutes or so to just…breathe; something I desperately needed to do. I even got the chance to type up some of my notes for my 12 page Political Science paper—YAY!

Actually, despite the fact that I have missed out on exploring my city this weekend, I got a decent bit accomplished. I’m still behind my previously scheduled timeline, but I’m getting there. I also feel more tranquil as I type this because I already vented my frustrations to a friend and feel much more relaxed at this point. Aside from studying, I really haven’t done much today. I worked as much as possible at school, came home and cooked, took a little breather to chat with Nena, now it’s working on the three essays due for my Italian Renaissance Literature final tomorrow.

As stressful as this impending essay that seems to NEVER END, the 12 page paper due Tuesday that I am FAR from being close to finished with, and the two finals I also have on Tuesday but have not had time to study for, life is still good. In fact, the essays I am currently writing for my Lit final are quite enjoyable, once you eliminate the stress they give me. I honestly have loved the books we’ve been reading this semester and I am SOOOOOO glad that I got the opportunity to take this class. These works have been so inspiring and insightful, my instructors lectures carry me off into another world where love, nature, and God are the ruling forces and life is as it should be as opposed to the chaos we face on a daily basis. And to think, without this course I would never have read these pieces of literature, understood the Italian culture, or known why the Renaissance could only have begun here in Italy. It’s AMAZING!!!!

Speaking of amazing…it’s amazingly late/early and I still have LOADS to do before I send it off to be edited and can get some sleep. Ps for editing my papers, I LOVE YOU!!! And to everyone else reading this, please pray I make it through to 6:30pm Tuesday without taking drastic measures—you know, like closing my computer and running out into Rome to just get lost and never come back kind. Ok, but seriously, I have to go now. Goodnight—ciao!

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